Constipation – ginger root tea bringing joy!

Fresh ginger root

Now being the fourth day, drinking ginger tea 3x/daily, today’s relief was not quite as remarkable as yesterday, but it was not meds or enema induced. Hoping this trend will continue. After years of dealing with constipation I’m impressed the purchase of fresh ginger root for the purpose of making a tea is showing some improvements.

Next fermented cabbage water

This being evening already, tomorrow, I will begin drinking the fermented cabbage water that’s been sitting on top of the fridge the past two days. The purpose being, to begin to refurbish my digestive system which certainly has gotten out of whack over the many years.

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Constipation – relieved no meds, no enema, success!

Constipation gridlock relieved!


No meds! No enema!

In just three days, beginning to drink ginger tea 3x/daily, and eating thin slivers of fresh ginger root; –I just had a joyous visit to the ‘CR’. CR is comfort room name for bathroom (toilet) her in the Philippines.

Speed of release

The speed with which a usually ‘lock-down’ compact stool passed has not been experienced for ages. Even I dare to recall when such an event last occurred.

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Ginger Tea And Constipation

Until recently, in fact over the past few days, even before reading about fermenting cabbage, I read about the benefits of ginger tea to address my personal health need.

Well! Things have rapidly changed. I now thinly slice off slivers from the fresh ginger root and eat it with my meals. How quickly we can developed a taste when we know the benefits to be appreciated.

Here is the source for this new found delight:

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