Constipation – relieved no meds, no enema, success!

Constipation gridlock relieved!


No meds! No enema!

In just three days, beginning to drink ginger tea 3x/daily, and eating thin slivers of fresh ginger root; –I just had a joyous visit to the ‘CR’. CR is comfort room name for bathroom (toilet) her in the Philippines.

Speed of release

The speed with which a usually ‘lock-down’ compact stool passed has not been experienced for ages. Even I dare to recall when such an event last occurred.

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Ginger Tea And Constipation

Until recently, in fact over the past few days, even before reading about fermenting cabbage, I read about the benefits of ginger tea to address my personal health need.

Well! Things have rapidly changed. I now thinly slice off slivers from the fresh ginger root and eat it with my meals. How quickly we can developed a taste when we know the benefits to be appreciated.

Here is the source for this new found delight:

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Digestive Tract – keep in good order!

This is where I started this topic 22 April 2017 04:15 AM.


Knowing my need to resolve constipation put me on an extended search for a natural remedy, using foods, herbs, or supplements if possible. Until just a few days ago, I had not found what I’m sharing at this time.


It is now my belief, I’ve found the solution to a long standing concern that developed slowly over the years. It slipped up on me, as we would say. Now it is a full blown issue.


No! I don’t have, knowingly or otherwise, any of the other traditional ageing ailments, except a small touch of short term memory. At age 78 I’ve been blessed with good health over a life-time, but, age is age. Not suffering any body aches or pains. I will reflect on this in other postings.


78 years of living, 13 June 2017 will usher in 79 years; –I share observations made based on living experiences, readings, and conversations with friends and others.


Most important, I advise all; –find a competent natural practitioner. Some of the best in the field are certified conventional medical doctors who moved on to natural non-toxic medical practices. There are many title fields of medicine by many names. Integrative medicine, inclusive of ancient medicine, extracting the good of modern medicine, to me, makes for a good health professional. Your opinion on this is of value to me and other readers; –so do not hesitate to respond by making your comments.

The following quoted information shares a few highlights from an article I encourage you to read in total:

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