Constipation – relieved no meds, no enema, success!

Constipation gridlock relieved!


No meds! No enema!

In just three days, beginning to drink ginger tea 3x/daily, and eating thin slivers of fresh ginger root; –I just had a joyous visit to the ‘CR’. CR is comfort room name for bathroom (toilet) her in the Philippines.

Speed of release

The speed with which a usually ‘lock-down’ compact stool passed has not been experienced for ages. Even I dare to recall when such an event last occurred.

This will be earth shaking if this will be but the beginning of a trend that will become a normal function soon. I have a close friend whose situation is much worse than my own.

High costing supplements and no relief

The joy is fuelled by the low cost, non-toxic means to have this most recent experience. Previously I spent over P900.00+ (pesos) for a much touted name brand product with not even a dent in addressing my constipation.

I was contemplating another product that was a P1000.00 plus. Now you see the source of my joy!

Very low costing herb and outstanding relief

The herb source obviously is the ginger root costing P10.00 and two days in consuming the tea and thin slivers of fresh ginger root.

Cabbage next pending source of relief

The small cabbage now fermenting and should be a plus in a few days to this improvement cost P30.00.

Let food be thy medicine”

Do you understand the quote; “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.

To keep from to much verbiage I will end at this point and continue by updates, hoping this is but the beginning of a wonderful experience. Going to slice a few thin slivers of ginger root now!

O’ Happy Day….

Disclaimer: All postings on this blog are for educational benefit and not to be accepted or viewed as medical advice. Always consult with a medical professional whom you have established trust and confidence in before making any changes in prescribe treatments. Making any decision based on information posted on this site, one does of their own initiative and personal responsibilities.



One thought on “Constipation – relieved no meds, no enema, success!

  1. TA –thanks for being first to post * Like on this new blog. Tried visiting your site but my ISP services leaves much to be desired the nuts & bolts I’m not capable of understanding the y’s. In the wee hours of the morning, when I’m usually online, I will make the attempt again.


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