Digestive Tract – keep in good order!

This is where I started this topic 22 April 2017 04:15 AM.


Knowing my need to resolve constipation put me on an extended search for a natural remedy, using foods, herbs, or supplements if possible. Until just a few days ago, I had not found what I’m sharing at this time.


It is now my belief, I’ve found the solution to a long standing concern that developed slowly over the years. It slipped up on me, as we would say. Now it is a full blown issue.


No! I don’t have, knowingly or otherwise, any of the other traditional ageing ailments, except a small touch of short term memory. At age 78 I’ve been blessed with good health over a life-time, but, age is age. Not suffering any body aches or pains. I will reflect on this in other postings.


78 years of living, 13 June 2017 will usher in 79 years; –I share observations made based on living experiences, readings, and conversations with friends and others.


Most important, I advise all; –find a competent natural practitioner. Some of the best in the field are certified conventional medical doctors who moved on to natural non-toxic medical practices. There are many title fields of medicine by many names. Integrative medicine, inclusive of ancient medicine, extracting the good of modern medicine, to me, makes for a good health professional. Your opinion on this is of value to me and other readers; –so do not hesitate to respond by making your comments.

The following quoted information shares a few highlights from an article I encourage you to read in total:

Digestive Tract – 5 Powerful herbs and foods for healing your digestive tract

  • Due to the fact that our soils have been devitalized from overly intensive farming practices in the last 50-60 years, the foods we eat nowadays are not as nutritionally dense as they once were, which already makes it a challenge to get all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need on a daily basis. If you add dysfunctional digestion to the mix, which is alarmingly widespread, now we are not even absorbing a significant amount of the nutrients we are eating, which, as you can imagine, leads to serious problems overtime”.
  • 5. Cabbage


    Cabbage has long been used as a folk remedy for ulcers as well as generally restoring the lining of the stomach and intestines. A traditional naturopathic remedy for stomach flu and ulcers is to chop up cabbage, cover it with water in the blender, blend it and let it sit for a couple of days before drinking. This may not sound like the yummiest of concoctions, but it works well enough to look into why it is effective.

    The first reason cabbage is so useful for healing the digestion is its high glutamine content. Glutamine is an amino acid; our body makes glutamine but it becomes an essential amino acid during times of illness or high stress. While most of our body, such as our brain and muscles, use glucose, a sugar, the lining of our digestive tract prefers glutamine as an energy source. So when you eat cabbage, you are giving your stomach and intestines the food it prefers to replace and heal itself. Studies utilizing extracts of cabbage have found them to be protective against and healing to ulcers; it is hypothesized that glutamine is at least part of the reason for this. Glutamine content tends to be higher in raw cabbage, though, so the cabbage juice described above would be preferable to cooked cabbage.

  • The other medicinal element to our blended cabbage has to do with letting it sit for a couple days before eating. Fermented cabbage tends to develop strains of acidophilus and other bacteria that have been shown to function as probiotics; this means they promote the healthy growth of all the bacteria necessary for healthy functioning of the large intestine. Studies on kimchi, a traditional fermented cabbage product from Asia, have been shown not only to function as a probiotic, but also to inhibit the growth of h. pylori, the bacteria that has been associated with stomach ulcers.


In the afternoon of 21 April 2017 I prepared the cabbage recipe detailed above. It is almost 24/hours into the first day of setting into the fermenting phase.

I will keep this page updated daily, until I drink my first fermented cabbage product. To repeat what has been clearly stated above; “Fermented cabbage tends to develop strains of acidophilus and other bacteria that have been shown to function as probiotics; this means they promote the healthy growth of all the bacteria necessary for healthy functioning of the large intestine”.

It is my firm belief, my large intestine is not completely breaking down the foods properly resulting in dry compacted stools next to impossible.

I make no attempt to post long articles that people are hesitant to read. It will be by your comments, questions, and contributions, that each posted page will expand to information, you the reader, have an interest in knowing and sharing; –so let’s get on with the discussion and this blog…

Thanks for reading and finding us…


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